Voices.com Declares 2021 The Year of Voice

Voice-over provider Voices.com analyzed the 2020 acceleration of digital business processes, business models, and organizational culture and identified a voice-first world to arrive in 2021.

"To stand out in a now-crowded digital space, and with the growing need for touchless customer journeys, voice identities, sound branding, and voice technology are becoming imperative," declared David Ciccarelli, founder and CEO of Voices.com, in a statement. "Video content is booming, but we need to acknowledge that the real impact is not visual. YouTube is consumed audio-first, often as a player in the background."

Voices' 2021 Annual Trends Report predicts that as the world becomes increasingly touchless, voice technology will be adopted faster than ever before. Businesses required to follow new health and safety policies will explore touchless technological solutions as they serve customers in a socially-distanced world.

"A hybrid of human and synthetic voices will empower the customer journey, with audio interaction enabled by conversational commerce," Ciccarelli adds.

Ciccarelli also sees a burgeoning market for speech in e-learning.

"Experienced e-learning voice-over actors help to command and sustain a learner's attention and are a key factor for an immersive learning experience," he said.

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