Vonage Debuts Skills-Based Routing and Real-time Sentiment Analysis Technology

Vonage, a business cloud communications provider, introduced skills-based communications routing and real-time sentiment analysis--intelligent communications technologies that enable businesses to create their own routing plans and analytical view of agent and customer interactions for the contact center via building blocks. Developed as a part of the Nexmo Partner Program for Vonage's API Platform, these new technologies are first in a line of planned building blocks that enable greater flexibility and efficiency to create more meaningful customer relationships and better business outcomes.

Skills-based routing and real-time sentiment analysis capabilities, paired with the Nexmo Voice API, can be used on their own, or to augment Vonage's or a third-party's contact center solution, allowing customer service representatives and agents to better engage with their customers in real-time.

For enterprise contact centers, intelligent communications based on contextual information is becoming a core need as they strive to improve the customer experience and address customers' increasing demand for personalized, contextual communications. Digital native companies and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are also looking for the ability to design these experiences themselves, adding to and building upon their existing solutions as needed.

Skills-based communications routing, as a fully open source building block, can bring enhancements to contact center capabilities, which are flexible and limitless, and can be initiated from Vonage, its technology partners or the developer community. They easily extend to support new capabilities to differentiate a contact center's ability to engage with customers in meaningful, customized ways. Vonage's sentiment analysis building block can be added to any existing contact center solution in order to provide real-time analytics to agents and supervisors. With these capabilities, contact center managers can better monitor the interactions between customers and agents to ensure a smoother customer journey. 

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