Voxbone Announces AI-Based Speech Analytics Service

Voxbone, the Communications as a Service (CaaS) provider that enables voice and messaging services in the cloud, announced at Enterprise Connect that its customers will have instant access to its Speech Analytics service via API and through its web portal. This on-demand feature will support enterprise customers that use Voxbone’s voice services to allow for seamless speech analytics with the click of a button.

By activating the integrated AI-based speech analytics tool through Voxbone.ai, customers have access to immediate, actionable insights from each and every spoken conversation between customers, agents, and teams. Rather than require expensive integration and proprietary technologies for recording, Voxbone supports cloud recording at the source (the interconnect) with multi-channel recording at the high level of quality needed for effective analytics that can be activated through its web portal or API.

Using Voxbone.ai, audio content can be bridged with analytics platforms including VoiceBase, CallMiner, and Gridspace in real time or asynchronously to leverage the platform that best fits a specific use case and language. Voxbone.ai provides a unified API into these AI platforms and thereby minimizes time to development down from a few months to a few days. Call analytics data such as sentiment analysis, caller-callee overtalk analysis, talk-time metrics, and keyword scanning becomes available almost instantly with close to no upfront investment.

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