Voxeo Launches Prophecy 7 With Embedded BusinessVoIP and Open Source Applications

NEW YORK - Voxeo Corporation, a provider of premise-based and hosted VoIP and IVR systems, today at SpeechTEK announced availability of Prophecy 7, a powerful voice platform that can be easily downloaded and installed in just two minutes.  With its core technology based on Voxeo's mature VoiceCenter 6.0 platform, Prophecy 7 adds powerful new features and a relentless focus on ease-of-use.  

Voxeo licenses the first two ports of Prophecy for free.  The one-click download includes a comprehensive system complete with:
-       The only VoiceXML 2.0 browser to pass all VoiceXML conformance tests
-       Full support for VoiceXML 2.1 extensions
-       Full CCXML 1.0 browser with proposed CCXML 1.1 extensions
-       SIP-compliant VoIP telephony including a built-in SIP softphone
-       Prophecy Speech Recognition and Synthesis engines
-       MRCP support for integration with other leading speech engines
-       Web server with PHP 5.1 and Java/JSP support
-       SQLite database engine
-       Easy integration with any other web platform or database engine
-       Built-in open-source Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Conference Manager applications
-       BusinessVoIP SIP VoIP call termination and origination service

BusinessVoIP is a unique new Prophecy feature that makes it easy to link VoIP lines and local or toll-free phone numbers to a customer-premise Prophecy installation. BusinessVoIP is an end-to-end SIP VoIP service, designed from the ground up to work with the Prophecy platform.  BusinessVoIP eliminates the need for Prophecy customers and developers to procure, test, and configure third-party VoIP services, and also eliminates complex VoIP firewall and NAT traversal issues that can delay VoIP deployments.   BusinessVoIP leverages the same proven, redundant, mission-critical, multi-vendor SIP network that was built by Voxeo for its 100 percent-uptime-guaranteed IVR hosting services.  

"With Prophecy's installation simplicity and integrated BusinessVOIP services, enterprise developers -- and even end-users -- can go from download to dial tone in under five minutes," said Jonathan Taylor, president and CEO of Voxeo Corporation. "Previously, this would have taken an IT department days to achieve, and was nearly impossible for a non-technical end-user to do on their own. With the release of Prophecy 7, premise IVR platforms can now be deployed by practically anyone."
The Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, and Conference Manager applications included with Prophecy were developed by Voxeo partners.  These applications anchor Voxeo's recently announced RocketSource program, a comprehensive initiative to promote the development of open source telephony applications using VoiceXML and CCXML.
Prophecy 7 includes nearly 2000 other improvements and fixes, drawing from Voxeo's rapidly expanding community of Prophecy users and developers.  Since February 1, 2006, over 3,000 enterprises and developers have downloaded and installed Prophecy.     

The first two ports of Prophecy 7 are free.  A four-port system is $249, and additional ports are $549.  To celebrate the release of the Prophecy 7 platform, Voxeo is offering a special launch promotion.  For a limited time, four-port licenses will also be available for free.  

To go from download to dial tone in under five minutes, begin at http://www.voxeo.com/prophecy
About Voxeo
Voxeo Corporation makes telephony applications as easy to deploy as web applications. Voxeo offers hosted VoIP and IVR services, premise VoIP and IVR systems, and maintains one of the most active voice application customer and developer portals in the world.  With over $40 million invested in IP and XML technologies and infrastructure, Voxeo serves customers ranging from small startups to the Fortune 500 who value speed and simplicity where complexity once reigned.  For ten consecutive quarters Voxeo has been profitable and cash flow positive. For more information visit www.voxeo.com <http://www.voxeo.com>  <http://www.voxeo.com> or call +1 (407) 418-1800 in the US or +44 (0) 20 7887 6085 in the UK and Europe.  
For further information: Voxeo Corporation Media Relations: John Hibel 407-835-0088 jhibel@voxeo.com


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