Voxify Introduces Automated Agents for Travel Industry Call Centers

Voxify announced that its Automated Agents are in use at CanJet Airlines, Canadian North Airlines and World Choice Travel, a part of Travelocity. Powered by the company's patented Conversation Engine software platform, the Automated Agents for travel and hospitality call centers are helping Voxify clients deliver new services, close more sales and handle unplanned call volumes without hiring additional staff.


"A call center is always balancing the cost of doing business versus providing the level of customer service our clients demand," said Michael Vidal, vice president of voice services at World Choice Travel. "My live agents take a lot of sales calls. Naturally, we would prefer they generate income. But because our calls are complex, there didn't seem to be a way to automate them until we found Voxify."


World Choice Travel wanted to use Voxify Automated AgentsTM to handle one-night reservations, confirm and cancel services and hotel locator services.   "Voxify enabled us to cost-effectively expand our level of service to customers and create a new revenue channel. Prior to Voxify, customers could make one-night reservations only via the Web. Now customers can get service through multiple channels. Voxify is achieving over 20 percent in conversion rates for one-night reservations. Now, we are generating income from booking one-night reservations - where before this was actually an expense for us," said Vidal.   CanJet, Canada's Low-Fare Airline turned to Voxify to help them manage spikes in call center volume.   "Our call center can run smoothly for months, but when calls increase, they do so in a big way," said Dale Rockwell, director of information technology at CanJet. "February 19, all flights out of Halifax were suspended as 38-inches of snow blanketed the area. We had just gone live with Voxify's Flight Status Agents, and on the day of the blizzard, they handled more than eight times the normal call volume. Our Automated Agents served our callers efficiently while delivering a significantly better customer experience than a touch-tone system could have," Rockwell concluded.

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