Voxify's Automated Agent Takes Calls for DreamWorks' Theater Reporting System

Voxify announced that DreamWorks has been relying on Voxify's Theater Automated Agent to help power the studio's theatrical operations and reporting system.    Ticket sale information is used to make marketing and advertising decisions for movie releases and DreamWorks needed a way to collect and analyze ticket sale data. Where previously live operators interacted with theater representatives to collect time-sensitive gross receipts for recently released films, now Voxify's automated Theater Agents handle calls.  Voxify Automated Agents go beyond simple exchanges and engage callers in sophisticated dialogue to perform customer service functions.   Voxify Automated Agents were built on the Voxify Conversation Engine.   DreamWorks has been using the Voxify system for more than a year and the studio expects the Automated Agents to further demonstrate value when Shrek 2 is released on May 21.

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