Voxware Launches Food Bank Community Partnership

Voxware, a voice application company and provider of cloud-based voice solutions, has launched a program to support its food bank customers.

The company will donate a set amount of funds for every pick completed by food bank customers using the Voxware Voice Management Suite (VMS). Donations will be distributed quarterly to help food banks serve more hungry families.

"This program has been years in the making," said Voxware President and CEO Keith Phillips in a statement. "In the past we have made contributions to both our local soup kitchen and, later, to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma in the wake of devastating tornadoes. We are looking forward to giving back in a more substantial and sustainable way starting in 2016."

Voxware currently provides voice technology for six U.S. food banks, including the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, the Greater Boston Food Bank, the Houston Food Bank, and Harvesters Community Food Network in Kansas. Together, these food banks distribute nearly a quarter billion pounds of food to more than 2.5 million hungry Americans every year.

Voxware will also ask its more than two dozen cold storage, beverage, and foodservice customers to match its donations with cash or food donations to their own local food banks.

"Voxware has already helped increase the rate at which food banks process and distribute donations, and now we're going to help increase the volume they serve to the community," Phillips said. "For every dollar a food bank receives in donations, they can supply the community with $10 in food. The goal is that Voxware's contributions will increase their ability to serve even more hungry families."

Voxware's Voice Management Solution (VMS) helps companies across industries run a more accurate and efficient supply chain. Most customers report productivity increases of 30 percent as well as accuracy level improvements to 99 percent and above. Most recently, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey experienced a 30 percent reduction in pick time in their first few months since implementing voice. By improving operational efficiency, Voxware helps food banks use more of every dollar to serve hungry families.

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