Vysk Unveils Voice Encryption for Apple and Samsung Smartphones

Vysk Communications unveiled the QS1, a protective case that makes it virtually impossible for others to eavesdrop on and capture conversations on Apple iPhone 5 and 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4 mobile devices. A proprietary processor inside the case encrypts calls and text messages and blocks out eavesdropping. The Vysk privacy system also prevents a metadata trail from being created and puts cameras and microphones on absolute lockdown.

The Vysk QS1 will deliver up to eight hours of encrypted private calling on a single charge.

With the Vysk Monthly Subscription Service, users will be able to speak with other Vysk subscribers in absolute privacy over the Vysk Encrypted Privacy Network. No one—not even Vysk—will know the identity of the caller or the recipient. No data is collected—no phone numbers, call times, or content—so there is no data to record.

Vysk subscribers will be able to make calls to non-Vysk users with one-way privacy protection since calls are encrypted at the source. The Vysk QS1 protects the subscriber's privacy by generating a randomized, untraceable number when making calls.

Pre-orders will begin on May 15. Delivery is scheduled for early fourth quarter 2014. The units will sell for $229.

The Vysk QS App, which will be available via the Google Play Store, iTunes or the App Store, will work exclusively with the subscription service to provide access to the Vysk Encrypted Privacy Network. The Vysk QS App features a dialer, encrypted private messaging, encrypted private voicemail and encrypted private image gallery. Other features include: password protection, remote wipe, anonymous call routing, anonymous text routing, group text, "self-destruct" messages, push notifications and an address book with import capability.

"Even for those of us who think we have nothing to hide, there are people going to great lengths to listen to your phone conversations to gain access to your confidential information. Virtual trespassers—from sophisticated espionage groups to government agencies—can gain access to every word you speak and everything your cameras, texts, and microphones reveal, completely unknown to you," said Vysk co-founder and CEO Victor Cocchia in a statement. "Privacy solutions based only on software are vulnerable to malware and hackers, which is why our system begins with hardware. We encrypt your conversations right inside the case. And if you like your phone, you can keep your phone and use it with the confidence of greater privacy."

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