West Launches Campaign Central for Targeted Notifications Campaigns

West, a provider of technology-driven, voice and data solutions, today announced the launch of Campaign Central, a new component of its Alerts and Notifications customer contact solutions.

Campaign Central is a Web-based tool that allows users to create, launch and manage their own outbound notifications to their customers via voice, SMS text message, email or fax.

Through Campaign Central’s Web interface, clients can take control of their customer contact solutions without additional costs that are usually associated with professional services fees. Users can also connect with their customers right from the desktop, designing or recording their own messages and deploying them instantly. Real-time campaign reports and statistics allow tracking of each campaign’s progress so users can measure results and make immediate adjustments to meet business objectives and create meaningful customer interactions.

Campaign Central offers auto throttling of outbound voice calls, which helps to streamline contact centers, maximize agent time, and increase customer contact rates by connecting customers to agents with minimal queue times.

“This innovative solution greatly improves how businesses interact with their customers. Campaign Central offers tremendous benefits to businesses, from quicker communication to simplifying multichannel outbound strategies, reducing costs and improving efficiency,” said Jennie Hanson, executive vice president of West Alerts and Notifications. “We’re excited about the advancements and opportunities that this solution, combined with West’s experience and expertise, will bring our current and prospective clients.”

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