Will.I.Am's Tech Company Launches Omega Voice Assistant

I.Am.Plus, the tech company run by entrepreneur will.i.am, frontman of the musical group The Black Eyed Peas, recently launched Omega, a conversational and contextual artificial intelligence-based voice assistant platform for enterprise customer engagement.

Omega is designed to learn and get to know users and their preferences through proactive and conversational dialogue across multiple information streams. Omega's neural network architecture, which is built around intents, learns from users to ultimately provide engagement and opinions based on intelligent insights from a range of inputs.

Omega delivers natural and intuitive interactions by leveraging multiple data points and rich context.

The Omega platform is device- and channel-agnostic. Its core components consist of advanced natural language understanding capabilities, contextual deep learning, a conversational engine, automatic speech recognition, and text-to-speech technologies. On top of this flexible foundation sits a series of pluggable modules that can enhance the Omega experience with a personality, opinions, chat bots, and even custom domains that can bring enterprise data and services to the Omega platform.

The Omega platform is targeted primarily at companies in the technology, financial services, insurance, and healthcare verticals. Its first customer is global communications giant Deutsche Telekom, which is using the platform to power Tinka, a voice-based virtual assistant for customer service.

Deutsche Telekom handles millions of customer service enquiries in multiple languages. Triaging the high volume of engagements with finite resources meant that customers would often experience delays and fragmented communication. The large volumes of repetitive, simple inquiries in customer service were costly to resolve and the system didn't scale well across its global presence.

"We set out with the ambitious goal of building even closer and more personal relationships with our customers in the digital channel by developing an intuitive, truly conversational one-stop digital customer service touch point and a more seamless customer journey," said Christian von Reventlow, chief product and innovation officer at Deutsche Telekom, in a statement. "Leveraging I.AM.Plus Omega, we were able to offer customers a conversational and intelligent digital assistant. We ultimately want Tinka, our digital assistant at T-Mobile Austria, to listen and learn from our customers to deliver superior service in a highly personalized fashion."

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