Winterlight Studies Speech-Based Biomarkers in Alzheimers Patients

Winterlight Labs, a speech analytics and digital biomarker company, is working with Genentech on a project using speech recordings from the Tauriel, a Phase 2 study of certain antibodies related to Alzheimer's disease, to explore novel speech-based digital biomarkers to evaluate changes in cognition.

The Winterlight and Genentech teams analyzed audio recordings of participants completing the Clinical Dementia Rating Scale (CDR). They examined how both the acoustic and linguistic content of participants' responses related to overall disease severity. Initial results showed significant associations between the structure and complexity of language and multiple measures of cognitive decline.

"We believe there is tremendous potential for these novel biomarkers to improve the way clinical trials are run," said Liam Kaufman, CEO and cofounder of Winterlight Labs, in a statement

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