Witness Systems Adds Speech Analytics Solution to Its eQuality Workforce Optimization Suite

TORONTO and ATLANTA - Witness Systems (NASDAQ: WITS) announced speech analytics technology, data-mining and trend-mining capabilities for analyzing customer interaction content. The eQualityR CallMiner application is the latest addition to the company's eQuality suite, which helps global organizations capture customer intelligence and optimize workforce performance.


Leveraging contacts captured through the eQuality customer interaction recording solutions, eQuality CallMiner provides organizations with analysis on opportunity and improvement areas, emerging trends and the "root causes" that drive call volumes in the contact center - all through statistics and interactive charting that pinpoints the frequency of the topics, subjects and comments that are most prominent in customer interactions.


For example, users can identify areas they need to analyze further through eQuality CallMiner's trending charts, such as an uncommonly high use of a competitor's name during customer interactions. Similarly, if the phrase "cancel my account" increases dramatically from one time period to the next, a company can be alerted to the growing number of dissatisfied customers. After identifying and reviewing trends, users can focus on implementing the appropriate actions to satisfy customer needs and retain their business.


Organizations also can leverage the analytical capabilities of eQuality CallMiner to classify call types, providing insight into the types of contacts being handled directly by customer sales/service representatives (CSRs), as well as identifying those interactions that could be better served through a more cost-effective means, such as a customer self-service channel.

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