Yap Unveils SDK for BlackBerry

Yap, a developer of fully automated speech-to-text hosted platforms for communications service providers, announced the availability of its software development kit (SDK) for the speech-enablement of BlackBerry applications.

The SDK includes easy-to-deploy application programming interfaces (APIs) and plug-ins necessary to link to and pass audio through Yap's automated speech-to-text platform. Through the Yap SDK, developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) can now voice-power mobile applications, such as email, instant/text messaging, search, social networking, voicemail-to-text, and enterprise information access.

"Even with the rise of touch-screen interfaces, the most natural way to interact with a mobile device remains through voice," said Igor Jablokov, CEO of Yap. "Graphical-only interfaces are still cumbersome, making access to and generation of content difficult given the myriad of options available. Using our platform, developers now have the freedom to use voice to enhance or create innovative, multimodal applications powered by our years of experience with machine-based speech-to-text technologies."

The Yap SDK will be available through the company's recently established partner program, an initiative focused on establishing a diverse community of organizations dedicated to the proliferation of speech technology in mobile and web communications.

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