YouMail Answers Its 1 Billionth Call

YouMail, a provider of cloud-based communications apps and services for smartphones, has now answered 1 billion phone calls for its users, including 500 million since September 2010.

"I'm proud to say this call-volume milestone means that our Visual Voicemail Plus service has answered the phone on behalf of our users more than a billion times," said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. "And it's all driven by consumer demand for feature-rich voicemail on their smartphones from a provider that treats callers well, and lets users have complete control over their voicemail."

"Our experience shows that telecommunications has already moved into the cloud," he added. "In fact, a wide swath of the population in the United States—more than 50 million people—has experienced YouMail by calling a YouMail user at least once."

The YouMail platform supports applications for smartphones, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, and Google Android devices, plus third-party applications developed for other mobile operating systems, such as Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 6.5, and WebOS, as well as for the iPhone and Android platforms.

"Our call volume and the increasing number of third-party messaging applications demonstrate that YouMail is a proven communications-as-a-service platform unique in its ability to scale, to support 'freemium' economics, and to support agile mobile app development," Quilici said.

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