ZoomSafer Partners With Safe Kids USA To Prevent Distracted Driving

ZoomSafer, a provider of solutions to prevent distracted driving, has joined forces with Safe Kids USA to help parents and teens eliminate the dangerous temptation to text and email while driving.

Together, ZoomSafer and Safe Kids are offering qualified individuals free smartphones equipped with ZoomSafer’s safe driving software to encourage more Americans to practice safe driving habits. A portion of ZoomSafer’s sales will be donated to Safe Kids USA to support their various programs. Consumers interested in learning more about this partnership can visit www.preventdistracteddriving.com.

Complementary to legislation and education, ZoomSafer is patented software for smartphones that detects when a user is driving and initiates Safe Drive mode. While in Safe Drive, inbound alerts are suppressed and the phone’s keypad and screen are locked to eliminate the dangerous temptation to text, email or dial while driving. Additionally, ZoomSafer offers a variety of customizable and hands-free services so users can stay connected with friends, family and co-workers while driving, including:

  • auto-reply to incoming texts and emails to let others know when you’re driving;
  • one-touch access to voice dialer for making hands-free outbound calls; and
  • hands-free inbound calls from priority contacts.

“Safe Kids is a world-class nonprofit organization with an impressive history of innovative work preventing young people from being accidentally injured,” said Matt Howard, founder and CEO of ZoomSafer. “We’re honored to partner with Safe Kids to help modify dangerous driving behaviors, and we’re happy to share our service revenues in support of their broader efforts.”

“Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death among 10-19 year olds worldwide—an increasing percentage of which are due to distractions stemming from texting and emailing while driving,” said Mitch Stoller, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide. “This is a huge and growing problem, and we’re excited to partner with ZoomSafer to offer parents and teens a simple and inexpensive solution to help them be less distracted when behind the wheels of their cars.”

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