ZyDoc Releases Android Version of Mobile Dictation App

ZyDoc has released an Android version of its mobile dictation app for use with TrackDoc Connect, ZyDoc's secure cloud-based transcription service. New ZyDoc customers can download the app, also available for iOS, and try the TrackDoc Connect transcription service at no cost for two weeks. For electronic health records users, the app allows doctors to securely access patient schedules from their smartphones and dictate encounters.

TrackDoc Connect is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant, cloud-based transcription service that facilitates section-level insertion of clinical documentation into the EHR. Connectivity to most major EHRs is supported, including athenahealth, eClinicalworks, AllScripts, and many others.

With the mobile app, doctors can access patient schedules remotely, select patient and job types, and dictate. The transcription is then inserted into the appropriate EHR sections. USB handheld recorders and toll-free dial-in can also be used for dictation. Referral faxing is available for letters and documents that are not for EHR insertion.

"Doctors can work 60 percent faster with dictation on their smartphones than with conventional EHR data entry," said James Maisel, MD, ZyDoc's chairman, in a statement. "The automatic insertion of the rich Health Story in the EHR is better and more accurate than medical scribes lacking medical language skills of experienced transcriptionists. Doctors don't have to mess with complicated speech recognition technology, correct errors, or deal with additional employees. The cost-effective ZyDoc solution improves productivity and quality of the medical record while justifying higher coding levels and reducing audit risk."

As a clinical data management tool, TrackDoc Connect transcription can be used with ZyDoc's MediSapien platform to integrate with EHRs for structured reporting and analytics. MediSapien uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to capture and code structured data from narrative or semi-structured text, enabling cross-platform interoperability for information exchange and data mining for applications, such as clinical decision support, identifying at-risk patient populations, computer-assisted coding, registry reporting, and more.

TrackDoc Connect is device- and browser-independent. Now in version 3.0, the TrackDoc Connect platform is designed for tight security with all voice, metadata, and transcription versions encrypted in the cloud and incorporates user audit and tracking. ZyDoc transcriptionists are prevented from exporting audio, metadata, and transcribed documents outside the platform; there is no off-site storage.

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