knfb Reading Technology Announces the kReader PC Software Solution for Struggling Readers

knfb Reading Technology premiered the kReader PC, a break-through in assisted reading and study skills software for students, including struggling readers, at the California State University Northridge Annual Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference 2009.

Developed under the direction of Assistive Technology pioneer Ray Kurzweil the kReader PC makes reading fun for students with its engaging and easy to use interface.

The kReader PC interface utilizes state-of-the-art video gaming technology to create 3D book viewing, multimedia annotations, voice painting, and many other features to make reading and creation of reports fun and engaging for students.

Further advances in file format and conversion technology make content acquisition fast and simple. The program allows direct import of MS Office, PDF, XPS and many other file formats. Student created multimedia content provides an interactive way for students of all levels to create and display their own content, including creation of virtual book covers and use of a 3D virtual bookshelf.

“I’ve been developing solutions for struggling readers for more than 35 years,” said Ray Kurzweil, chief executive officer of knfb Reading Technology. “We’ve utilized the most innovative technologies available from 3D gaming environments combined with the most advanced file formatting, image processing, and document capture technologies to chat we believe will be the most engaging and empowering reading tool of it’s kind.”

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