MemeSpeak Launches Voice Blogging Tool

MemeSpeak has launched a cloud-to-mobile Web application that allows users to substitute talking head animations for textual blogging, in many languages, on any social network or blog. Extended functionality of the animations is also offered as supplementary Virtual Goods by MemeSpeak

MemeSpeak supports multiple language text inputs and natural language audio outputs in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, and Czech.

The system can support hundreds of thousands of concurrent mobile or PC video clients and creators. Viewers do not need to be members of MemeSpeak to view the conversations on social networks or blogs. Any mobile platform with an Internet browser can use the MemeSpeak system. The system can be scaled and hosted on cloud networks to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers.

Users create the animations through text-to-speech on the MemeSpeak Web site and can connect them through dynamic learning playlists. The animations are automatically hashtagged and can be distributed freely among friends or members of any existing social networks. The meme tags are also searchable and evolve through SEO.

The company archives all playback data, including all usage, views, demographics, locations, etc. The system can be licensed for special opinion gathering applications.

Aside from the generic public avatar blogging applications, the system can be can used for vertical applications, such as interactive advertising, new media news gathering, audience interactive online avatars, drama/comedy, reality television for audience interaction/participation, and messaging.

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