VocaOne Debuts VocaPASS Free Biometric Service

VocaOne, a voice biometric service provider, is set to offer VocaPASS, a voice biometric-based, free account authentication service.

VocaPASS is designed to appeal to security-sensitive account services, such as online subscription services, social networking services, and e-commerce Web sites, that have been reluctant to adopt biometric account security due the costs of deployment.

VocaPASS delivers voice biometric passwords as a free, IP-based service. VocaPASS secures a simple voiceprint from customers when they register with Web sites, apps, or network services. Voiceprints are obtained from a simple voice authorization statement that is secured directly through the browser. When the customer returns to login, VocaPASS obtains another voiceprint from that customer. If the incoming voiceprint matches the registered one, vocaPASS allows the customer to pass.

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