Nexidia Announces Dialogue Search v2.0

Nexidia, a developer of dialogue and audio analysis products and technologies, today announced version 2.0 of Nexidia Dialogue Search, which searches for any spoken word or phrase across massive media libraries in seconds.

Dialogue Search v2.0 boasts several new features, including full-text search and filtering of all metadata fields across all available sources, Avid Interplay MAM support, and a redesigned user interface. These improvements streamline and enrich the user experience, open the doors to new stores of media, and leverage existing metadata.

Dialogue Search v2.0 can index and search media and metadata managed by Avid Interplay MAM. Using Avid's Interplay Web Services, assets are automatically discovered, and Dialogue Search's indexes are kept in sync as assets are added and removed from Interplay. Results can be played in the Dialogue Search interface using Avid's ICPS player, and search results can be published back into Interplay as markers, enabling users to immediately access the results in Interplay.

Interplay MAM support is the latest in the list of integrations with the industry's leading media asset management solutions, including existing integrations with Interplay Production, Dalet Galaxy, IPV Curator, Vizrt Viz One, and Square Box Systems' CatDV.

"Dialogue Search v2.0 is a great leap forward. The new metadata search capability allows Dialogue Search to combine phonetic search with any existing metadata to create the best possible search experience," said Drew Lanham, senior vice president and general manager of Nexidia's Media and Entertainment Division, in a statement. "Another great addition is the integration of Dialogue Search with Avid's Interplay MAM, which dramatically expands the ability to find and reuse media managed by Interplay."

Nexidia just released version 1.8 of Dialogue Search last month.

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