Toshiba Launches recordX Call Recording Solution

Toshiba America Information Systems' Telecommunications Systems Division has launched the recordX solution that lets users securely record, archive, search, play, and share telephone calls. It is compatible with Toshiba's IPedge and Strata CIX business communication systems.

With the recordX call recording solution, users can review recorded calls to ensure that clients are receiving efficient and professional service.  Users access call recordings through a browser-based interface and can review calls visually within the recordX Advanced Media Player. With intuitive playback features, users can listen and make notes for later reviews, convert recordings to WAV or MP3 files to share directly via email or share recordings via Apple iTunes or Windows Media Player. A masking tool can suppress private information prior to sharing, and an Audit tab displays the history of anyone who has listened to or annotated a call recording.

Managers can assess staff performance using the Web-based Agent Evaluation tool, creating filters to capture a particular sample of calls, such as with a new employee or from a specific customer.

Calls are scored via a customized questionnaire and then compiled to generate graphical evaluation reports and statistics that help managers track trends and performance and identify areas that require additional staff training or focus. Reports can be emailed as PDF files or saved to hard drives.

Users of recordX can find calls and email extracts of calls to confirm transactions or verbal agreements as well as to assist in dispute resolution.

With recordX, users can enhance legal compliance and manage risk by monitoring, encrypting, and storing critical telephone interactions.

With the recordX software development kit, systems integrators can tie in external systems, such as databases or CRM programs, for development of customized applications. Some examples include popping customer details upon receiving a call, automatically adding notes to recordings directly from third-party applications, or initiating start/stop commands to control which part of phone calls to record.

"By recording and reviewing telephone calls, users are able to monitor the quality of customer conversations, evaluate the staff's performance on calls, verify transactions made during a call and demonstrate call compliance with regulatory guidelines," said Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager of Toshiba America Information Systems' Telecommunication Systems Division, in a statement. "These functions will help make employees more productive, ensure superior customer service, manage legal risk, and ultimately help improve business operations."

Fully tested and tightly integrated with the latest versions of Toshiba's IPedge and Strata CIX business communications systems, recordX integrates with popular CRM applications, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Act! and Lotus Notes.

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