SpeechPro Partners with PenRad to Bring Voice Biometrics to Healthcare

SpeechPro, a provider of voice biometrics solutions, and PenRad, a technology solutions provider in the healthcare sector, have pioneered technology to bring secure, touchless data entry through voice biometrics to hospitals and clinics.

SpeechPro's VoiceKey voice biometric technology and PenRad's Applicadia technology allow staff to perform data-entry through validated voice to mitigate disease transmission, improve security, and increase professional productivity.

Hospital staff enrolls in the system one time by speaking to create an unique biometric voiceprint to eliminate separate login routines. As they speak, the system automatically validates users via their security badges. No separate login, validation time, or hands needed, no germs spread, and the data is entered directly into the electronic medical record.

"We are excited to partner with PenRad, a company who is truly committed to using the power of technology to advance the public good," said Alexey Khitrov, president of SpeechPro, in a statement. "SpeechPro has heavily invested in our R&D team, which has allowed us to develop what independent testing proves to be the most accurate voice biometric technology on the market. We hope that the implementation of our VoiceKey algorithms will allow Applicadia to become the most accurate, secure, and safe data-entry platform available to the healthcare industry."

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