SoundHound Joins the Samsung ARTIK Developer Ecosystem

SoundHound, a provider of sound recognition and voice search technologies, has brought its Houndify platform to the Samsung ARTIK platform ecosystem to enable hundreds of millions of connected devices with a voice-enabled conversational interface.

SoundHound's Houndify is a developer platform that enables users to create voice-enabled, conversational interfaces and add voice search and voice control to their apps and devices while delivering a natural conversational user experience. The first Houndified product, Hound, a voice search and assistant app, was released earlier this year for iOS and Android.

"It is important to us to provide developers with the best technology building blocks on top of the Samsung ARTIK Platform so that developers can focus on the design of the key differentiated features and leverage breakthrough technologies," said Curtis Sasaki, vice president of ecosystems at Samsung Electronics, in a statement. "The Houndify platform is a perfect example of the power of leveraging open platforms and ecosystems for the larger developer community to create compelling user experiences."

The open Samsung ARTIK platform provides the hardware and software building blocks for developing enterprise, industrial, and consumer applications.

Samsung and SoundHound worked closely to enable Houndify across the entire Samsung ARTIK family of modules. The collaboration resulted in an optimized version of the Houndify SDK that can run on the Samsung ARTIK 1 module, using extremely low memory and processing power while unlocking the full power of the Houndify platform.

"We are a strong believer in the IoT revolution, the world of connected devices around us. We also believe that the most compelling, and often the only form of communication with these connected devices is using voice and natural language," said Keyvan Mohajer, founder and CEO of SoundHound, in a statement. "The Samsung ARTIK platform enables developers to more easily create a connected device, and the Houndify platform enables them to quickly and easily add a voice-enabled, conversational interface to whatever they build."

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