Invoca Integrates IBM Watson for Real-Time Voice Analytics

Invoca, a provider of call intelligence, has beguin embedding IBM's Watson cognitive computing technology into its Voice Marketing Cloud to help marketers analyze and act on voice data in real time.

By integrating Watson's artificial intelligence directly into Invoca's platform, marketers get deep insights about callers and conversations, which they can then use to enhance and personalize the customer experience.

The integration taps into Watson to analyze unstructured voice data. Invoca uses the Watson Speech to Text API to transcribe phone conversations into text, which Invoca analyzes to reveal insight that might be relevant to marketers or their businesses. During the conversation, audio streams through Watson in real time, transcribing the conversation and documenting the time any word or phrase is spoken. Invoca's proprietary algorithms then identify keywords and phrases that marketers classify as signals for specific actions, such as intent to purchase.

One of the early adopters of the technology was Frontier Communications. Frontier is defining specific intents in Invoca's system, such as whether the agent mentions confirmation number, or installation date. Frontier then uses this data to understand conversion rates across multiple channels and optimize marketing spend.

"In the telecommunications industry, as for many other considered purchases, it's common for people to research online but then head offline to make a phone call as they get closer to purchasing," said Chadd Ryan, senior manager of insights at Frontier Communications, in a statement. "By working with Invoca, we've been able to analyze and act on a vast amount of data that traditionally lived only in our call center. And with the power of Watson's machine learning, we're able to get an even deeper level of insight from spoken conversations that we can immediately optimize against to improve the customer experience and drive revenue."

"With the rise of artificial intelligence, voice is rapidly becoming the new interface for computing and IBM Watson has vast experience in analyzing conversations to comprehend human capacity and understanding," said Colin Kelley, chief technology officer and co-founder at Invoca, in a statement. "With Watson, Invoca is incredibly well-positioned to continue to innovate and build upon our use of machine learning, ultimately ensuring that our customers are harnessing voice conversations in the most cutting-edge way possible."

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