STC Partners with iVoice for Voice Picking Solution

STC Group, a developer of systems in multimodal biometrics, speech synthesis and recognition, multichannel recording, processing and analysis of audio and video data, has teamed up with systems integrator iVoice to develop the GOLAS atomized voice system for picking optimization in warehouses.

Pickers who have to compile large, complex orders will be able to receive voice instructions via headset. GOLAS enables hands-free and eyes-free operation for pickers. The system dictates the list of all the items from the order to the worker via a headset. 

"Warehouse pickers are able to work faster (efficiency increases up to 35 percent) and the chances of making a mistake decline. until the worker indicates that a required item is in the right place, the system is not providing him the next task (the amount of mistakes falls two to three times). Working with GOLAS is easy. It takes only two or three days to teach an employee how to operate with it, so even with the high employee turnover it won’t create a problem," said Ilya Ivanov, CEO of iVoice, in a statement.

STC’s voice module synthesizes the speech in one of nine standard voices. Users  can also order unique voices developed individually. The GOLAS system currently operates in English and Russian.

"STC specializes in speech synthesis and recognition in complex environments. At the core of the voice control module of GOLAS lies a speaker-independent voice recognition technology. The system equally well recognizes speakers, regardless of their age, gender and even accent," Alexey Zakrevskii, head of development at STC, in a statement.

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