DeePhi Tech Showcases Speech Recognition Engine on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), partnered with Xilinx, a FPGA vendor, which demonstrates that cloud service will be an important market for unleashing the potential of FPGA applications. As a partner of Xilinx and AWS, a deep-learning accelerating solution company, DeePhi Tech, officially launched an automated speech recognition engine--DESE, based on the FPGA platform at AWS. DeePhi Tech says it has become the first Chinese AI start-up to launch FGPA speech recognition acceleration program at AWS.

The major cloud service providers, such as AWS, have begun to deploy FPGA cloud accelerating services. Through the influence and service capability of the large data center, FPGA affects hundreds of thousands of application developers and enterprise users and is quickly receiving increased attention of the public cloud service.

The DDESE focused speech recognition scene, an automatic speech recognition system based on FPGA is constructed to provide end-to-end speech recognition services for many users on AWS. The deep learning accelerating solution, which is based on FPGA platform, combined with algorithm, software, and hardware co-design by DeePhi, is two times that of GPU in the calculation of audio recognition. DeePhi Tech is authorized by AWS to deploy FPGA speech recognition acceleration schemes in the cloud to provide accelerating services to global users.

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