M*Modal Launches a Virtual Provider Assistant for Clinicians

M*Modal, a provider of clinical documentation and Speech Understanding solutions, unveiled a next-generation Virtual Provider Assistant for physicians at the 2018 HIMSS Conference. With the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI) powered virtual agent, M*Modal further builds on its history of aligning innovation to market needs by enabling more intuitive and efficient physician workflows.

Launched in 2012, M*Modal Fluency Direct was the first cloud-based solution to provide speech recognition for physician documentation directly in the EHR. Where legacy speech recognition was focused on enabling doctors to “type with their tongue”, M*Modal Fluency Direct was designed to truly understand the actual patient story.

Since 2014, these understanding capabilities have been widely deployed to continuously analyze and deliver real-time clinical intelligence to clinicians via built-in Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) functionality. M*Modal CAPD is now broadly deployed across more than 400 healthcare facilities and is being relied on by over 42,000 clinicians.

The M*Modal Virtual Provider Assistant, which is seamlessly compatible with the Company’s entire portfolio of solutions that help capture, communicate and improve physician documentation, includes:

  • Conversational assistance with scheduling, task, and command management, chart search, patient summaries, Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) management and much more.
  • Conversational order entry to help physicians with the ordering of labs and medication, which is believed to take up to 10% of their time. The M*Modal Virtual Provider Assistant not only automatically queues up both explicit and implicit orders in the system for intelligent CPOE, but it also monitors all the patient’s medications to provide the physician with contextually-relevant insights within the normal workflow.
  • An ambient device that enables reliable hands-free, real-time physician interaction with M*Modal Fluency Direct and/or M*Modal remote medical scribes. This unobtrusive and secure device includes multichannel microphones and a speaker to allow two-way conversations when appropriate, as well as visual indicators for non-verbal cues regarding listening, understanding and any clinical insights shared between the care provider and the assistant.
  • Compatibility with over 150 EHRs, which leverages the extensive integrations of M*Modal Fluency Direct, that enables this solution to work across systems physicians use every day.

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