Voicera Acquires Mobile App Wrappup

Voicera, a pioneer in the artificial intelligence and productivity space, announced the acquisition of Wrappup, the company behind one of the most popular apps for AI note taking. Wrappup’s iOS and Android apps leverage AI technology to power predictive highlights during meetings and has seen strong user-adoption globally.

Voicera unveiled the new app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, to allow for Eva to join conversations on the go.  Also unveiled are the AI-powered Predictive Highlights, providing a “lean-back” experience for all meetings.  In this experience, Voicera’s Enterprise Virtual Assistant, Eva, listens for important moments in the conversation and automatically highlights and transcribes them, with higher accuracy.  Following the meeting, Eva emails the highlights to the user for review.


Predictive Highlights leverages the rich voice AI to automatically identify moments, generate summary emails, and provide full text and audio transcription access from the platform. These enhanced functions can even allow Eva to serve as your proxy at meetings that you cannot attend. Users can choose to control functions and leverage either voice-activated or tap-to-highlight commands to add key moments to a meeting summary or rely on the automated Predictive Highlights for the lean-back experience.

Voicera is a voice-based AI solution that naturally extracts value from conversations between people rather than exchanges between a person and a device. Voicera leverages a combination of voice recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning to provide attendees with a meeting recording, full transcription, and high accuracy meeting highlights.

Wrappup’s team joins the Voicera team and continues to work on platform growth and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research and development.




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