Passage AI Chatbots Now Converse In All Major Languages

Passage AI, a provider of AI-powered conversational interfaces, announced it has extended its natural language understanding/processing (NLU/P) capabilities to support over 150 languages natively, including simplified and traditional Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish. Companies can now offer near instant responses to customers around the globe in their native tongue.

Passage AI has created a bot-building platform that utilizes AI and natural language processing technologies, requires no coding and can be deployed anywhere in as little as two weeks. Employing sophisticated deep learning models that involve advanced techniques like bi-directional LSTM and word embedding, Passage AI's platform is able to accurately understand natural language text and speech, creating an intelligent conversational interface capable of better identifying intents, extracting the most useful, pertinent and timely information, understanding and responding to queries and searching through vast amounts of data.

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