CallMiner Updates Real-Time Speech Analytics Platform

CallMiner, a platform provider of award-winning speech and customer engagement analytics, demonstrated its updated real-time speech analytics module, Eureka Alert, at the 10th annual LISTEN customer conference. Eureka Alert combines AI-driven automated transcription, redaction, and alerting to provide real-time direction to contact center agents and supervisors to drive specific outcomes within a call as it is occurring, or alerting management of critical risk or customer experience issues.

The Next Generation of Real-Time Call Monitoring

Eureka Alert leverages the core Eureka data processing engine that was enhanced earlier this year to support 10X the capacity of the previous platform, significantly improving the scale of real-time capabilities by allowing users to monitor hundreds of thousands of agents concurrently. Alert is an API-based module designed to easily integrate into existing agent desktops, CRM platforms, or other live monitoring applications for seamless alerting through a familiar interface. In addition, supervisors using Eureka Coach can monitor real-time alerts via the Coach interface.

Improving Accuracy and Speed to Insight

Alert uses high quality, speaker-separated audio captured at the source produce real-time streaming transcriptions that substantially increase alerting speed. Alert monitors the full stream of transcription and uses contextual memory to consider the overall progression of a call based on any user-defined trigger events, allowing for more sophisticated alerting and reduction of false positives that plague other real-time speech analytics solutions.

Example: Alerts based on specific phrases or mentions

  • Customer calls to cancel a service which triggers an alert with recommendations on talk down language and standard promotions to offer. The customer mentions a promotion from a competitor, which then triggers another alert with specialized options available to the agent to compete with that specific competitor pricing.

Example: Alerts based on building dissatisfaction

  • At the first mention of customer dissatisfaction, an alert would be triggered with reminders to the agent on how to address the customer’s frustration. If dissatisfaction language continues, an email or alert would be sent to a supervisor to notify them of the need to potentially take proactive steps to intervene in the call.

Alert is also fully integrated into the Eureka Analyze platform to provide faster post-contact analysis with AI-fueled categorization and scoring of transcribed audio.

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