Harnessing the Power of our Next Generation Voice Solutions

Ed Miller Harnessing the Power of our Next Generation Voice Solutions, LumenVox is honored to be the recipient of three People’s Choice Awards for Biometrics, Advanced Speech Recognition and Text To Speech. Passive Voice Biometric Authentication: Our NextGen voice biometrics utilize Deep Neural Networks to continuously create adaptive voiceprints during the course of a normal conversation, so that future calls will be authenticated in just seconds. This eliminates enrollment friction, reduces average handle time and dramatically improves the contact center customer experience.

Active Voice Biometric Authentication: The enrollment phase requires the participant to repeat a short passphrase like “my voice is my password,” which provides strong authentication and verification in mobile banking, micro loan consolidation, internal helpdesk applications, password reset, parole and proof-of-life for pension benefits, or even validating recipients of government social programs.   

Fraud Scanner: A solution that requires no special integration and voice biometrically identifies known fraudsters in your call logs, Fraud Scanner quickly and easily proves itself with little cost or effort.

Speech Recognition: Our ASR utilizes the latest in artificial intelligence, allowing for natural, fast and accurate interactions.

Text-To-Speech:  LumenVox’ TTS is one of the most natural-sounding products offered in the market today.

In these times of COVID-19, the contact center is being challenged with authentication, fraud and automation issues. LumenVox has been called to solve these problems more than ever before.  The many features throughout all the LumenVox products make it easy for you to recognize the benefits of automation in your environment. With cutting-edge technology and creative delivery methods, LumenVox can help you evaluate your technology and business goals to ensure success by protecting your customers, eliminating fraud and enhancing self-service capabilities. 

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