NTT Resonant Unveils Conversational AI Restaurant Reservation Service Using NVIDIA Jarvis


NTT Resonant is using NVIDIA Jarvis, a framework for conversational artificial intelligence, with its own conversational AI engine to build a demo of a freeform restaurant reservation system, from searching for a restaurant to reserving a table, using freeform spoken conversation with an AI agent. 

This restaurant reservation system was developed using conversational intent comprehension technology, ConvBERT, and the NVIDIA Jarvis conversational AI framework. Using NTT Resonant's proprietary AI algorithms, ConvBERT is able to comprehend the context of multiple statements .

The AI will also insert small talk into the conversation, creating the feeling of actually speaking with a human.

Although the demo was developed in English, NTT Resonant plans to make it available in Japanese and develop it for fields beyond restaurant reservation, including delivery services, e-commerce, real estate, and more. The company also aims to develop a platform for multipurpose AI services via APIs, using not only the ConvBERT API, but also multiple Resonant AI APIs that will be released.

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