Using AI for Conversational Intelligence Across All Channels

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Consumers routinely report that the more effortless and personalized their experiences are with a company, the more likely they are to continue purchasing from that company. While a recent survey by Aberdeen found that 42 percent of businesses are focused on adapting to changing customer needs by incorporating and using innovative digital capabilities, only 22 percent of those businesses said they were satisfied with their ability to use data to manage their customer experience programs.

To complicate matters more, half of all contact centers use at least nine different channels to communicate with consumers, according to Aberdeen. But while organizations have made these channels available to consumers, many are not capturing and analyzing them in a holistic way. This leads to a degradation of the customer experience, often resulting in damage businesses' bottom line.

To create a modern, customer-centric, and conversationally intelligent organization, all communication channels must be brought together in a holistic, omnichannel approach that leverages artificial intelligence to create a complete picture of all customers and their journeys. This makes it possible to fine-tune techniques and technologies across all channels to surface insights and take action to improve every customer's experience.

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