Using Purpose-Built AI to Manage Consumer Complaints

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Consumer complaints place a significant burden on organizations, particularly those in highly regulated industries; there's a lot at stake in how firms respond to customer complaints. Complaints affect the entire organization, from risk and compliance to customer service, marketing and more. In fact, complaints are a symptom of a product, process, or skill-based issue and can directly impact customer retention, new business acquisition, and operational costs.

Additional requirements are needed for highly regulated industries, like financial services, which are required to track and report complaint data, even if a complaint is resolved by an agent and the customer is happy at the end of the interaction. In this market, regulators can issue fines to any organization that isn' accurately capturing and addressing consumer complaints. This makes it even more imperative for organizations to have a robust and comprehensive complaint management system.

NICE, for example, offers Enlighten AI for Complaint Management, which identifies every digital and voice interaction that contains a complaint, consistently and accurately using purpose-built AI models that were derived from the largest interaction dataset. Going beyond regulatory compliance, Enlighten AI offers capabilities for any contact center to understand the root cause of consumer complaints and to see the impact it has on customer satisfaction or operational efficiencies.

Enlighten AI's fully automated and holistic approach accelerates and streamlines processes in the following three steps:

  • Identify: Consistently and accurately identify complaints with predictive AI models trained on the most comprehensive, expansive interaction dataset in the world.
  • Classify: Automatically categorize interactions into different complaint types to accurately quantify and understand the issues';
  • Act: Easily monitor changing volume patterns to uncover complaint drivers with dashboards and leverage automated data capture and advanced workflows to queue new complaints for immediate review.

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