ELSA Releases Speech Recognition and Feedback Engine API

ELSA, a company that uses speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence to help language learners improve their spoken English, has released an artificial intelligence-enabled API that integrates into any language learning solution to develop an English-speaking feature with automated speech recognition and interactive teaching.

ELSA's AI technology was built for the ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Speak App.</p/>

With the release of its API, ELSA is democratizing access to learning for users around the globe with new edtech partnerships with CNA Go in Brazil, Edulinx in Japan, and Sahi.ai and UOLO in India, to name a few.

ELSA can recognize non-native speech with more than 95 percent accuracy and design a pathway to native pronunciation. ELSA's API provides detailed feedback for both scripted and unscripted speech with word stress, pronunciation, fluency, intonation, grammar, vocabulary, and more.

"As English communication quickly evolves into a requirement for the modern skillset, it's essential that edtech and learning companies include this competency in their curriculum. Students want digitized training and quality learning at their fingertips anytime, anywhere, and the release of our API makes it available to a broader audience," said Vu Van, co-founder and CEO of ELSA, in a statement.

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