Pindrop Adds Intelligence and Investigation Tools to Its Authentication and Fraud Prevention Platform 

Pindrop, a provider of voice technology, has added product features that predict age range and spoken language, monitor fraudulent attempts to pass voice verification, and offer customizable account data tags for better policy automation.

Pindrop has increased the level of intelligence derived from voice analysis to include demographic insights. Pindrop's contact center customers can now receive API-driven information like predicted age range and spoken language, to better route callers and improve authentication performance. These predictions can also allow for deeper intelligence on possible security threats from account takeover when used with other tools and Pindrop's anti-fraud solution.

"The ability to detect additional demographic features will help Pindrop's customers better authenticate genuine users and appropriately route consumers in a more efficient, secure manner," said Amit Gupta, vice president of product management, research, and engineering at Pindrop, in a statement. "Adding more value to our portfolio of voice authentication services is paramount, and we are determined to continue helping people unlock and access the things that matter to them."

Another critical feature addition is the ability to detect intentionally deceptive callers by alerting when a voice is a mismatch to enrolled users. The Pindrop solution also provides custom data fields or tags that can be used to enhance policy creation.

"With access to deeper intelligence and enhanced investigative tools, Pindrop has strengthened its ability to protect the customer authentication process and help push further into a passwordless, voice-driven world," said Vijay Balasubramaniyan, CEO of Pindrop, in a statement. "Data breaches fuel fraud, and in 2021, the volume of data breaches hit record levels. Pindrop's platform advancements can improve account security, customer experience, feed other systems with improved intelligence, and reduce the effectiveness of omnichannel fraud attacks."

Additionally, Pindrop's solutions have expanded to provide contact center agents and fraud investigators with better tools for authentication and fraud policies, fraud investigations, and case management. These enhancements include spoof detection, now available for authentication policies, better controls on fraud case load management and prioritization, and algorithm updates to the Pindrop Intelligence Network to help detect more fraud.

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