iFLYTEK Launches AINOTE for Recording and Transcribing Meetings

iFLYTEK recently launched its iFLYTEK AINOTE Air tablet for recording and transcribing meetings.

The iFLYTEK AINOTE includes the following:

  • 98 percent speech recognition accuracy up to 400 words per minute for a single speaker, 95 percent when tracking multiple speakers, and 96 percent for recognition of mixed Chinese and English speech;
  • Support for 23 Chinese dialects and 60 languages using real-time language editing and modification, machine translation, and speech synthesis;
  • Automatic meeting minutes generation tool and recordings management technology;
  • An advanced microphone array and radar map;
  • 16 industry-specific thesauruses for on- and off-line use;
  • Simultaneous translation from 12 dialects and 6 languages;
  • Background noise reduction;
  • Smart notes function with voice search capability and point-in-time playback features.
  • The ability to convert written notes into editable text through iFLYTEK's optical character recognition.

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