ArkX Laboratories Partners with Sensory on Custom Wake-Word and Command Sets

ArkX Laboratories, a provider of advanced far-field voice capture and speech recognition technology, has launched the EveryWord Voice Control featuring Sensory's TrulyHandsfree SDK technology suite.

These expanded capabilities enable device manufacturers to create custom wake-words, small to medium command sets (21 dialects), and speaker verification models for a truly branded voice experience when integrated with the EveryWord Audio Front End (AFE) or Voice Module.

Typical IoT voice-enabled consumer and industrial smart electronic applications for custom voice-control, include the following:

  • Home appliances;
  • Consumer and commercial robotics;
  • Automotive;
  • Medical and healthcare equipment;
  • Home hubs;
  • Home security;
  • Wearables;
  • Toys;
  • Industrial manufacturing machinery; and
  • Voice-directed warehouses.

EveryWord Ultra Far-field voice technologies enable human-to-machine speech recognition capturing voice commands from three times the standard distance of competitors' offerings, around corners, and in noisy and reflective environments. Additionally, EveryWord technology can identify and suppress speech or noise from other single-point sources.

The EveryWord Ultra portfolio consists of an Audio Front End (AFE) Voice Processing Module, an Integrated Voice Module (SOM + Audio Board w/AFE) and an AVS Development Kit qualified by Amazon Voice Service (AVS).

"Brands increasingly want to create their own branded voice experiences for their customers," said Eric Bauswell, CEO of ArkX Labs, in a statement. "Working with Sensory, we have integrated a powerful set of advanced voice control capabilities that enable OEMs to own the voice experience with custom wake-words, customized commands, and specific tasks for their applications, plus a base level of security with speaker verification. It is truly disrupting the status quo of voice."

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