D-ID Launches Creative Reality Studio

D-ID has launched Creative Reality Studio, a self-service video platform that enables users to bring photos to life and generate customized presenter-led content from a single image with customized narration.

The technology enables users to choose the identity, including ethnicity, gender, age, and even the language, accent and intonation, of the presenter. Users can select high-definition Premium Presenters with life-like upper body and facial movements; Custom Premium Presenters, which require short video shoot with the subjects, or Special Presenters with videos generated from any front-facing photo and text or audio. Videos can be created in multiple languages by simply translating the text rather than engaging different presenters fluent in each language.

D-ID offers extensive neural voices across 119 languages and variants and audio input where users can upload a more personalized voice-driven digital presenter, as well as voice cloning to match a specific voice.

"D-ID's work has already generated more than 100 million videos," said Gil Perry, CEO and co-founder of D-ID, in a statement. "Now that we're offering our self-service Creative Reality platform, the potential is huge. It enables larger enterprises, smaller companies, and freelancers to produce personalized videos for a range of purposes at massive scale, with the potential to engage audiences in learning and development, sales training, and more. Our technology cuts through the headache of corporate video production to effortlessly create high-quality, cost-effective, professional videos in any language at the click of a button."

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