BeneTalk Launches Speech Mobile App to Help Stutterers

Ahead of International Stuttering Awareness Day Oct. 22, BeneTalk, providers of a digital health solution for people who stutter, released an updated and enhanced version of its mobile app.    

"BeneTalk is the Headspace for speech," said Jordi Fernandez, founder and CEO of BeneTalk, in a statement. "Our initial focus is to help millions with chronic stuttering to find joy in speaking. Our competitive advantage resides in our personalized therapy, real-time feedback, and speech tracking algorithms that enable users to learn and adopt healthy habits in any speaking opportunity. It's like a fitness tracker, but for speech."

The original BeneTalk app launched in the United Kingdom in June  2021 and has since grown to accommodate thousands of monthly active users from 165 countries. After a year on the market, more than 85 percent of users find BeneTalk effective.  

BeneTalk combines digital speech tracking with interactive content and a community that helps people who stutter communicate more confidently and comfortably. It is a habit-building app that uses speech algorithms to provide users with real-time audio, visual, and haptic feedback on aspects of speech production (e.g., speech rate), alongside content based on the Multidimensional Individualized Stuttering Therapy (MIST) approach.

The MIST approach includes areas dedicated to acceptance and commitment therapy, breathing patterns, vocal features in speech production, and general communication skills. 

The mobile application is designed to facilitate on-demand self-managed stuttering support that can be used without clinician input. Equally, BeneTalk can be used as an adjunct to clinician-led stuttering therapy to provide guidance and support between sessions. 

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