ELSA Introduces Speech Analyzer

ELSA, providers of a platform that uses artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to help language learners improve their conversational English, has launched Speech Analyzer, an assessment platform that plugs in to online communication tools to help with test prep, classroom studies, presentations, and interviews and provides a full analysis of conversational speech skills and progress.

With the new Speech Analyzer coach, learners receive personalized, contextualized, and real-time feedback on how confident they sound when speaking, tutorials for how to improve, and progress on speed, filler words, energy, conciseness, and more.

Students, employees, teachers, managers, and companies can record meetings, presentations, training programs, everyday conversations, interviews and more, at any time. They receive a personal score and in-depth analysis of their progress and where they need to focus on improvement. Personalized content tutorials will be served to them along with a projected performance report on all the major English language test exams.

Speech Analyzer works seamlessly with Zoom and other communication tools while plugging into calendars for scheduling.

"Speech Analyzer provides a very deep and unique assessment approach to speaking better English, which also complements guided practice really well," said Vu Van, co-founder and CEO of ELSA, in a statement. "It's increasingly essential to speak English in our everyday lives. We realized there wasn't a product out there that provided a comprehensive analysis and always-on coaching solution in the classroom, office, online meetings, or at home. Speech Analyzer meets all these needs."

"I strongly recommend ELSA Speech Analyzer to all IELTS students who want to practice mock speaking tests in the comfort of their homes. The AI is awesome, giving a full analysis of all speaking skills as well as invaluable feedback and advice on how to improve," said Keith O'Hare, IELTS trainer and owner of Keith Speaking Academy, in a statement.

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