Gaumard Installs Robotic Patient Simulator with Conversational Speech

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Gaumard Scientific, a provider of simulation technology for healthcare education and training, has installed its HAL S5301 speech-enabled interdisciplinary patient simulator at the Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.

HAL S5301 introduces several groundbreaking features, including conversational speech enhanced by artificial intelligence, motor movement, and simulated physiology that allows HAL to simulate stroke symptoms and other medical conditions.

"HAL S5301's breakthrough speech enhanced by AI and its clinical capabilities surpass those of any other patient simulators on the market. HAL represents the new generation of technology that will be used to educate and empower tomorrow's nursing and medical graduates with an unprecedented level of real-world skill, confidence, and preparation," noted John Eggert, Gaumard's executive vice president, in a statement.

The School of Nursing's HAL S5301, known as Emory HAL, is already having an impact.

"Because of Emory HAL's engineering and artificial intelligence capabilities, he can process information and respond to learners much more organically during simulations," said Dr. Mena Khan, director of operations for the Emory School of Nursing Simulation Program, in a statement. "Emory HAL instills a more dynamic and interactive layer of preparation for our learners, much like actual patients. Our students will be even better prepared for nursing care and leadership roles because of their work with Emory HAL."

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