ZVOX Launches AV70- Speakers with AccuVoice

ZVOX, a provider of voice clarifying technology, has added the compact portable AV70 Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker to its line of dialogue enhancement products.

The AV70 both boosts audio frequencies in the range of speech and suppresses background noise. AccuVoice technology literally lifts dialogue out of phone calls or TV programming so voices can be heard more clearly and succinctly. The net result is that words stand out and are easier to understand. The AV70 is great for conference calls on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime, or other video calling systems. It is also ideal for use while watching videos on tablet or laptop. It features ZVOX's AccuVoice dialogue clarifying technology, with advanced hearing aid technology to make voices crisp and easy to understand, even at low volumes.

"The use of video conferencing exploded during the first year of the COVID crisis. But many people had trouble understanding what was being said," said ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher in a statement. "On important business conference meetings, and on millions of family video calls, folks kept asking 'what did she say?' Our little AccuVoice conference speaker fixes that."

"Hearing and understanding speech clearly is a major challenge for seniors with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, as well as anyone using tablets, laptops, speakerphones, and similar devices. The issue has become so common that many people just hope to pick up the missing words or phrase from the context going forward. The technology in the AV70 speaker provides an ideal solution for this growing problem. Whether you're using a tablet or laptop to watch a movie or participating in a Zoom or Board meeting or just talking to a loved on the phone, the AV70 can make an enormous difference," said ZVOX audiology consultant Thomas Powers in a statement.

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