Speechmatics Partners with NVIDIA

Speechmatics, a speech-to-text technology provider, has partnered with NVIDIA to supercharge its machine learning capabilities and has now deployed NVIDIA artificial intelligence (AI) systems and software to train larger models.

Speechmatics is one of the first companies to upgrade to the NVIDIA DGX H100 system featuring eight new H100 Tensor Core graphics processing units (GPUs).

Speechmatics' speech-to-text API is built using self-supervised machine learning that requires huge datasets for training and large amounts of computation.

The Tensor Cores in the NVIDIA H100 GPU offer double the speed of matrix multiplication, while the large memory capacity of the DGX H100 system allows Speechmatics to use models twice the size of previous opnes. Additionally, the advanced networking capabilities, using the NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand platform and NVIDIA NVLink technology, can deliver nine times higher bandwidth vs. previous generations.

"Natural language processing is powering innovative, informative services that can grow customer success and revenue for enterprises," said Tony Paikeday, senior director of AI systems at NVIDIA, in a statement. "As a fully integrated AI platform, NVIDIA DGX H100 systems provide a powerful foundation for training speech AI models to further accelerate Speechmatics."

"Speechmatics aims to be the first company in the world to reach perfect-level speech-to-text performance. Its next-generation models will be built on and optimized for NVIDIA technology with larger modelling capacity being at the core of their R&D roadmap. Next-generation modelling capability will always need to be backed with next-generation hardware capability. We can expect another step change in automated speech recognition performance purely by harnessing the latest NVIDIA GPUs," said Will Williams, vice president of machine learning at Speechmatics, in a statement.

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