SoundHound Unveils Dynamic Interaction with Generative AI

SoundHound AI, a provider of voice artificial intelligence, has released Dynamic Interaction with Generative AI, further extending its real-time, multimodal interface by granting users hands-free access to a vast wealth of ideas, information, and sophisticated search functionality.

Launched in November, SoundHound Dynamic Interaction offers a full-duplex consumer interface with real-time, continuous audiovisual feedback in response to both verbal and touch commands with no wake words, awkward pauses, or turn-taking. Engineered for a seamless exchange, the system ignores off-topic speech, makes proactive suggestions to the user, and intelligently decides when to use audio or visual output.

Now SoundHound Dynamic Interaction will also offer voice-enabled access to generative AI, meaning users can unlock relevant information and ideas just by speaking naturally.

"Dynamic Interaction is capable of creating incredible user experiences and allowing consumers to interact with computers in the most natural, intuitive way," said Keyvan Mohajer, CEO and co-founder of SoundHound, in a statement. "By introducing Generative AI, we're providing a gateway to a new world of ideas, information, and capabilities from anywhere, completely hands-free."

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