Babblebots Launches Voice-Based AI-Recruiter

Babblebots.ai has come out of stealth mode with a job recruitment platform powered by GPT-3 and conversational artificial intelligence.

Babblebots' AI-Recruiters recruitment and talent acquisition platform uses voice technology, conversational intelligence, and AI algorithms to interview and assess candidates for both technical and non-technical roles. It is powered by neural network GPT-3 (the technology behind the ChatGPT chatbot) and speech AI.

AI-Recruiters is a fully conversational voice bot designed for conversations with job candidates, answer their questions, and assess them for communication, technical, and analytical skills.

AI-Recruiters conducts human-like interviews for more than 200 roles using long-form conversation voice bots in more than 20 languages. Its library contains more than 10,000 questions across technical and analytical skills that can be fully customized for job roles.

To begin the process, HR teams and hiring managers first send a customized interview link to multiple candidates via email and WhatsApp through the Babblebots platform. The recordings and their transcriptions are then sent to the company to analyze each candidate's performance.

Babblebot.ai's AI-Recruiter also scores candidates across multiple parameters, like confidence, language and technology proficiency, and more. The shortlisted candidates can then be invited for in-person interviews.

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