Aiera and BlueMatrix Partner to Bring Voice to Wall Street Research

Aiera, a Wall Street event intelligence and speech technology platform provider, is partnering with BlueMatrix, providers of an authoring platform for financial research, to modernize the authoring of Wall Street research.

The partnership, which will begin with Aiera's event coverage flowing to BlueMatrix's authoring tools, will ultimately bring event summarization, Q&A, and audio/video elements into the authoring and readership experience.

The partnership is being implemented in two phases. In the first phase, authoring an earnings note can now happen as the earnings event unfolds, with Aiera's live speech-to-text transcription, audio controls, and search capabilities embedded within the authoring experience. Event summarization and Q&A, which leverages Aiera's locally-run generative AI, will also be available upon request. Phase 2 will involve embedding event content into the research itself. This includes event timestamps, along with playback, search, and speed controls.

"We are thrilled to deliver Aiera's event monitoring functionality natively inside the BlueMatrix platform," said Patricia Horotan, co-founder and CEO of BlueMatrix, in a statement. "Our clients have been an important part of our innovation process at BlueMatrix, and we are pleased to be working with our clients and Aiera to bring more of what's important to research analysts directly into the BlueMatrix experience."

"Aiera's partnership with BlueMatrix is an important step in our company's continued development," said Ken Sena, co-founder and CEO of Aiera, in a statement. "Sell-side hosted conference events, morning research calls, and more stand to greatly benefit from the work we are doing together. The goal is to equip research teams with the best that the industry has to offer seamlessly within their existing research and compliance workflows."

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