Laxis Launches Meeting Assistant

Laxis has launched the Laxis Intelligent Meeting Assistant to automatically record and transcribe conversations, take notes, and use artificial intelligence to write follow up email copy. Laxis also offers real-time sentiment analysis and sales coaching during meetings.

After meetings, users can request Laxis to create meeting memos, reports, customer profile and requirements, action items, follow up emails, and all kinds of content based on the meeting conversation. After a quick review, these notes or outcomes can be sent to relevant recipients.

"We're all bogged down with too many virtual meetings and are expected to stay present while meeting, take notes, and immediately follow up with next steps, which is why I am so excited about our new developments," said Eric Xiao, founder and CEO of Laxis, in a statement. "After a 45-minute meeting, no one wants to listen to the recording or go through long transcripts again to find key information. At the same time, people still have to spend time writing memos, reports, or follow up emails. The new Laxis will prevent anyone from missing anything during an online meeting, enhance key takeaways, and provide email copy to quickly use as follow up."

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