Augmedix Partners with HCA Healthcare

Augmedix, a healthcare documentation technology company, is partnering with HCA Healthcare to develop artificial intelligence-powered ambient documentation solutions for acute care.

These products instantly convert natural clinician-patient conversations into medical notes that physicians and nurses can review and finalize before they are seamlessly transferred in real time to the electronic health record (EHR).

HCA Healthcare is pilot testing Augmedix's technology stack, which includes automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural processing (NLP) algorithms, in the emergency department in two hospitals and plans to expand the pilot in emergency departments in two additional hospitals.

HCA Healthcare will also make a financial investment in Augmedix.

"We are excited to partner with Augmedix to develop ambient documentation in the acute care setting," said Dr. Michael Schlosser, senior vice president of HCA Healthcare's Department of Care Transformation and Innovation, in a statement. "This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way documentation occurs at the point of care, and this partnership and investment is part of our broader strategy to use technology to support our physicians and nurses and enhance patient care."

"Augmedix first brought to market the practice of ambient documentation in the ambulatory setting, and we can't imagine a better innovation partner than HCA Healthcare to bring ambient documentation to the acute care setting," said Ian Shakil, founder, director, and chief strategy officer of Augmedix, in a statement.

"HCA Healthcare is a leader in deploying healthcare technology to improve patient outcomes and support physicians and nurses, and as such, they represent an ideal partner for Augmedix to deliver our innovative products to the industry at scale," said Augmedix CEO Manny Krakaris in a statement. "As we continue to enhance our product offerings to best satisfy the needs of patients, nurses, and physicians, we look forward to helping HCA Healthcare transform clinical documentation in the acute care setting."

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