Sensory Enables VoiceChat with Generative AI on Consumer Devices

Sensory, a provider of voice artiicial intelligence for consumer products, has integrated ChatGPT and other large language models to drive conversational voice responses (VoiceChat) on consumer products and other devices lacking keyboards and big screens.

Targeting in-ear voice assistants, smartwatches, smartphones, automotive infotainment systems, and more, this technology integration delivers a conversational experience on consumer products and unlocks VoiceChat's capabilities for electronics companies and their customers.

"Generative AI has the potential to make consumer devices smarter than ever. Integrating this powerful new technology with our robust voice AI stack is a game-changer for the market and allows our customers to create a new generation of infinitely capable voice assistants tailored to a variety of customized domains," said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory, in a statement. "This launch expands Sensory's capabilities to bring VoiceChat capabilities to devices of all types, giving businesses the opportunity to create more engaging and interactive products."

Sensory's technology stack includes the following:

  • Wake word recognition;
  • Speech-to-text with context and AI-generated prompt engineering;
  • Intelligent response selection;;
  • Text-to-speech; and
  • The ability to ask follow-up questions and commands to filter, sort, or add more information to the original request.

With Sensory's hybrid cloud + edge AI platform, customers can implement a number of AI technologies to bolster end-user experience and security and split AI inference duties between edge devices and the cloud. Using a smartwatch as an example of an ultra-low-power device, light-duty AI like wake word recognition, speaker verification, simple voice controls, and sound identification can run on-device. More complex AI inference, such as wake word, speaker, and sound ID revalidation as well as domain-specific assistants and natural language understanding engines, can be routed to a more powerful connected device like a smartphone. And for high-horsepower AI inference, like generative AI and VoiceChat, improved revalidation, face and object recognition, and more can be routed to the cloud.

SensoryCloud's voice assistant solution is powered by a technology stack that includes Go, gRPC, NVIDIA Triton, and AWS Global Accelerator. SensoryCloud also compresses dialogue data to reduce cloud fees and latencies.

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